O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree


This year was all about firsts… many for me, but more so for Luke! I’m a huge lover of holidays and traditions so I wanted to make his first Christmas tree experience something that I would continue to do with him, year after year. We got all bundled up, with Luke in his new Minnetonka moccs, and ventured to a little tree farm down the road. We spent far too long picking out the “perfect” tree, but I wanted everything to be just right. We happened upon a little tree that didn’t shed his pine needles very easily (check) and was a blueish tint as opposed to the traditional trees my family always got over the years. We sawed that baby down, carried it over to the car, and tied it to the top of my jeep. We then went inside the little shed on the edge of the property for hot cider and to look at all the wreathes and ornaments for sale. After warming up, we made our way to the center of town (only stopping once to make sure the tree wasn’t about to slide off into the road) and went to my favorite little cafe for hot chocolate with whipped cream. We watched the kids scramble in that just got out of school, and all the dogs walking by on the street. It was simple and meaningful and my heart was full of warmth. This is the first year I’ve gotten to hang all the ornaments my parents have given me every year since I was born, and the first year I will be hanging Luke’s first Christmas ornament. I hope you all are having fun with your traditions as the best time of year approaches!


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