another day, another snowstorm


so, we got another snowstorm this week… it is currently snowing as i type this… and we’re supposed to get more snow this weekend… and i LOVE it. i hate shoveling & clearing off my jeep, but i love roaring fires all day long inside & bundling up in warm accessories outside. this photo shoot was while luke was taking a nap with his monitor in my pocket… so it won’t be as cute… but we did have fun shooting lots of “stock” photos & i thought i would share them 🙂 the coat is the same as the last impromptu snow shoot. i hope one of you went and bought it because it is that good. super warm & the price is right. you can definitely tell by the sleeves it is from forever21 (that fake leather look) but it has done its job as a coat that you don’t mind shoveling in and having fun in! hope you all are keeping warm as the temperature plummets!!

imageimage2015-02-05_0001i don’t always take selfies… wait, yes i do 😉imageimage2015-02-05_0002image

imageimagecoat forever21 | top gap


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