11month love

imagewe stumbled into some gorgeous lighting up in Luke’s room the other day & took full advantage of it. that and my hair was looking pretty sweet after attempting this whole under braid thing about 4 times. braiding your own hair is hard, i tell ya. Luke is a camera ham & just stares at the lense the whole time… he wouldn’t even look at me. and then he showed off his “almost walking” steps and how high he can reach while wearing his cute peach 18 month onesie from gap (sadly sold out.) i love these one piece outfits… so easy. minimal snaps. if i ever design clothes for kids they will all have just zippers. everything zippers.

in case you were wondering, i am wearing my super comfy cozy thermal top from forever21. i boycotted shopping there for years, but lately i found if i shop there from the safety of my computer, to avoid feeling super old there, i can find some pretty cute stuff… for super cheap. and then after Luke threw up on me, i put on an old j crew top (link for the newer version of it below) and actually like those pics better… typical. anyways, i’m ready for a beer. hope you all are having a great thursday!imageimageimageimageimageimage imageimage

 purple thermal top | sweatshirt top similar here


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