which made up 80% of our florida trip.


i posted these pics, along with the rest of our trip, on Facebook and i got a lot of texts and comments asking where i got my bathing suits from (i know, it’s so tough being so fashionable with a wardrobe from clearance racks & kohls) 😉 so after i called my mom and had a good laugh, because i literally found all my suits for so cheap, i decided to do a post on them! i seriously can’t justify spending $50 for a top & $50 for bottoms for such a small piece of clothing that you wear in a pool. so i began with first, figuring out what kind of suit i wanted. i went on this vacation with steve’s parents and the rest of his family, so i wanted to be half way modest without succumbing to the one piece. i am a mom now after all… but “a cool mom” 😉 i went online to aerie and looked around because one of my favorite bikinis came from there a few years ago… and that is when i saw the high waisted bottoms. a little light went off in my head that this could work for me. i have, after 28 years, finally come to terms with my body. that i will never be 5′ 10″ (i will never be 5′ 4″ for that matter) and i will never have my ridiculous gymnast body back. i will never be one of those tall skinny girls who looks super sexy in a cut out one piece and i will never get rid of my jacked up arms no matter what i do. so, i have embraced it and decided to love it. what a crazy idea, right? loving ourselves. and so i thought i would try the high waisted bottoms out. i bought the dark blue polka dot bottoms and with a thumbs up from steve, i bought two more for the trip.

below are the aerie bikini bottoms (for reference i got size smalls, but would have been fine with mediums. i’m almost 5′ 3″ & weigh 115lbs)

 striped | light lavender/pink

(apparently they’re all out of the polka dot ones but a link to the rest of the colors is here)


bikini tops aqua | coral

the tops i scored from victoria’s secret on clearance for $15. the coral looks kinda pink in this photo.. more pics below. i also have the hot pink color. there are TONS more colors available now, but they’re expensive. i recommend waiting til the off season and buying them on clearance which is what i did. i give these bikini tops 2 thumbs up. 3 if i had more thumbs. they are AMAZING. never have i ever had a top that held the girls up quite like these. they stay in place, they are super comfortable, keep your boobs perky with the cups, all the while still looking like a bathing suit and not a bra. love these. will buy more colors in the future.


bralettes similar here | bra top

(i got size smalls for both items)

i also posted a picture of these pretty thangs that some of you thought were bikini tops. nope… even better. the ones on the left are also from aerie (i know… i feel like I’m back in high school, but you can’t pass up good finds) and they are the shit. they are basically bralettes… SO comfortable, they don’t send my back into spasms (which happens daily with regular bras) and i wear them literally every single night because they hold my boobs up… no sagging here! they are soo cute. i even wear them with tank tops if i just don’t feel like putting on a bra. i highly recommend. i literally have every single color. i even think i wrote a ridiculous review saying how much i loved them. they are currently sold out, but the link i posted is to similar ones. and the one on the right is from urban outfitters. they’re on sale right now for $10 and there is a green & white one as well. they look so cute with a maxi skirt or high waisted skirt… or under a tank top.

and because i can’t do a post without a mini photo shoot to follow… here’s some sunny pics from florida… ahhhhh i’m trying to remember the heat, the smell of suntan lotion, the mango daiquiris i ordered daily with an extra shot of 151 and 3 cherries……….

okay. i’m done.





happy tuesday!!


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