it was just recently steve’s birthday, and for all of you who don’t know him personally, the man has exquisite style and taste. so much so, that figuring out what to get him for a gift is one of the most intimidating tasks. not to mention he KILLS it with gift giving. no joke, i cried opening my christmas gifts. he stalked my pinterest and put me to shame in the gift giving department. which brings me to my next point. girls are SO easy to shop for. guys have it made. if the girl has pinterest, they can just look around and see about 100 things they could buy for her that would bring her to her knees. guys on the other hand… hmm… a watch? a pair of shoes? i’m trying to remember what sort of things i’ve bought for past boyfriends… a backpack? it’s so hard to come up with anything. so this time around i wanted to give steve one of my “boxes of love” but fill it with all things that i knew he would appreciate. i started with the coolest brands i could think of and went from there. after seeing his reaction to opening it, i knew i had struck gold, and wanted to share with you all some ideas to spoiling your main man.

Patagonia hat

my first purchase was from Patagonia. such a great brand, they always have new styles, and the hats look so sexy on guys. i chose a hat with a more modern logo and a color that set the tone for the gift.2015-05-18_0001

nick stick | peanut butter barWe Are All Smith shirt

next up, i grabbed a nick stick at the grocery store & a decadent peanut butter chocolate bar (his favorite) as added little “stocking stuffers” if you will. followed by the purchase of this shirt from We Are All Smith… one of the coolest brands out there.  image

pure maple syrup

then i grabbed a bottle of The Syrup Souvenir Shop’s pure maple syrup, which not only is one of my favorite brands, but who doesn’t love good maple syrup?


Best Made Co. cups

then i hopped over to Best Made Co.’s website, which is steve’s FAVORITE brand ever, and now mine as well… it is everything i would ever want in a company. they kill it with their products. i picked out these camping steel cups that are just effortlessly cool.2015-05-18_0002

postcardBest Made Co. pocket notebook

then i stumbled upon this Roy Lichtenstein postcard at a local bookshop. we both LOVE him and one day want to purchase a big print… and when i saw this (which totally resembles us ;)) i had to snag it. And also from Best Made, this little mini pocket notebook… “measure twice, cut once” …slogan of my life.



and last but not least, another We Are All Smith purchase… this bracelet. there is nothing hotter to me than a guy who knows how to accessorize. steve wears bracelets all the time, so i saw this one and had to get it. not only is it so cool, but it comes in the coolest stamped pouch with the coolest sticker, pin, & info card. branding at its finest.

i hope this was helpful in a small way to you ladies for your future gift giving… obviously i am WELL AWARE that life is not all about gifts, but i’ve found that the excitement i get picking out things that i know the most important person in my life will love, is the best feeling. so, i hope that this is, at the very least, a good reference for some awesome brands that you can use in the future!

happy monday!


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