save this date!


we are slow as molasses over here, but we are finally having our save the dates printed & we shot our engagement shoot over the weekend, so stay tuned for lots of pics! the concept above was to have all of our favorite & meaningful things be in one photo (an idea a past client of steve’s used for their wedding)! we couldn’t really find a word to nail down our style, so we are just running with a “camping, woodsy, manly, nature” vibe. below, i figured i would try to explain a little about what the items mean, starting with the tickets & moving clockwise 🙂

airline tickets: i literally love my future in laws & nieces more than anything & this was our first family trip to disney that they do every year!

coffee mug: an all day long staple in our house + the things we collect when we travel (speckled camping mugs) steam was photo shopped in 😉

dark chocolate: another staple in our house

polaroid: of the steps in newport steve proposed on ❤

framed photo: the bishops pick your own orchard that we are getting married in!

monopoly pieces: a nod to our love of board games & what gets us through the winter time!

journal: i bought this journal the very first week steve and i started dating & we fill it up with quotes, sketches, love notes, things we’ve done, lists of nonsense, & all things us.

jesse terry tickets: one of our first dates & the first time steve introduced me as his girlfriend to the man himself… jesse terry!

logo bag: steve’s pouch that has his “of the pines” logo, which will be the meaning of my new last name

bracelets: steve is known for wearing his bracelets & he bought me one when we first started dating. matchy matchy

thread & label: the ongoing adventure we have dived into of creating our own children’s line of apparel & accessories, which has currently been changed to Nash Parker for our love of national parks 🙂

feather: from one of our many hikes/walks together

calendar: April 9th circled (our wedding date!) …pretty self explanatory, however the reason we chose this date was largely due to my parents, who are both school teachers in different school districts, who amazingly have the same april vacation this year. so our hope is to go on a honeymoon together after the wedding & know that luke will be having a blast for the week with his grandparents! that, and steve didn’t want to get married in the middle or end of his wedding season.

puzzle pieces: our little shout out to the luke mans

another journal: with our family motto “measure twice, cut once” 😉

& last but not least, the little chair made out of the champagne bottle that we toasted right after we got engaged!


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