Engagement shoot part 2!

20151004_KR4_8480here is part 2! all shot by Kris Rae Photography at Chatfield Hollow State Park | Hair & Makeup Kelly Hart of That Girl | hope you like them!20151004_KR3_09612015-10-17_0001 20151004_KR3_097520151004_KR4_8462 20151004_KR3_098720151004_KR3_101820151004_KR4_843120151004_KR3_10162015-10-17_000220151004_KR4_845620151004_KR4_845820151004_KR3_104620151004_KR3_10142015-10-17_0003 20151004_KR3_10762015-10-17_0006 20151004_KR3_107920151004_KR3_1097 20151004_KR3_1107-22015-10-17_000520151004_KR3_1215-220151004_KR3_1173 20151004_KR3_112120151004_KR3_125020151004_KR3_1248 20151004_KR3_1163 20151004_KR3_1185-2 20151004_KR3_119720151004_KR3_1236 20151004_KR3_1293 20151004_KR3_130520151004_KR3_1263 20151004_KR3_131220151004_KR3_134020151004_KR3_1320 20151004_KR3_1349 20151004_KR3_135220151004_KR4_847720151004_KR3_1232 20151004_KR3_1365-220151004_KR3_139620151004_KR3_1472 20151004_KR3_14222015-10-17_0004 20151004_KR4_851120151004_KR4_8519 20151004_KR3_1461 20151004_KR4_8486 20151004_KR4_8499 20151004_KR4_8534 20151004_KR4_8539 20151004_KR4_8544 20151004_KR4_855420151004_KR3_157420151004_KR3_154220151004_KR3_157220151004_KR3_1566 20151004_KR4_8608 20151004_KR4_866120151004_KR4_8622 20151004_KR4_869820151004_KR4_861620151004_KR4_8647

*a note to kris – words can not express my gratitude to you, my dear friend. for your friendship, advice, & support. for taking me under your wing, & teaching me photography. for showing me my worth & strength. oh, & for setting me up with my future husband. thank you for you. we love you.20151004_KR3_1475


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