Toddler Gift Guide!

I love gift guides. they are probably my favorite things to look at on other people’s blogs. i love seeing new products, new ideas, & i love finding the PERFECT gift for someone when i don’t have the time to shop or rummage through a hundred websites. with that said… they sometimes can drive me insane. i find myself saying in my head “did she REALLY buy that for her kid?” “did she ACTUALLY get that ridiculous thing for her man?” “was she paid to include this gift?” so any gift guide i do (including the ones in the past) are the ACTUAL gifts i got for my kid & for steve. you have my word. they may not be color coordinated or as visually pleasing, but they are the real gifts that i spent real time reading reviews and selecting and they really will be going under the tree 😉

first up is Luke’s stocking!

aviator hat – too stinking cute & made by one of my favorite brands

moustache up! board book – comes with all these different style mustaches that you stick on the pages… so fun

jungle book board book – one of the few baby lit books we don’t have. love these books so so much

finger puppets – by bla bla. self explanatory. these are the expressionist ones :p

knit kitten – also by bla bla. filling my need for all things kitten

taco truck – the newest addition to his collection of all things cars, trucks, & things that go. i chose the taco one instead of the ice cream or burger one because luke loves the taco truck that sits on the green everyday… and so do i.

And here are his big gifts under the tree this year!

janod circus train – luke’s favorite thing to do is play with the big train tracks at the library, so we decided to spoil him with a train set this year. we really don’t get him a lot of big toys during the year… we just don’t like to clutter our house with a million toys… so we settled on this cute as pie train set by janod. this circus themed one will be at my parents house and the wild wild west themed one will be at our house 🙂

camper toy – vintage looking, check. surfboard roof, check. camper/rv that i’ve always wanted to own in real life, double check.

HOME book – this book caught my eye a few months ago, but the gingerbread house on the cover made me save it for Christmas. i am slightly a book hoarder, but there could be worse things in life 😉 this book is gorgeous inside and out.

Happy! – this book for luke is from steve. i grew up with my parents writing little messages in any book that i would get as a gift, so that now i can look back and see what year and holiday they were from. steve and i had a good time writing little messages in these books to luke 🙂

fisher price camera – luke’s first camera! snagged it on sale at

deer – i have a thing for this deer. we sell it at the store i work at and we only got in a few of them so i snatched one up. something about his face… i love it.

cash register – oh boy, lots of buttons and noise. a little boy’s cash register dream. he has the vintage fisher price one that was steve’s as a kid, but this one i grabbed at ikea… who has stepped up their toy game department btw. highly recommend checking it out!

k-way jacket – love this brand. love these jackets. so excited for luke to wear it. it’s such a cool lightweight windbreaker jacket. steve has one in light blue so they can be all matchy matchy

cloudette + what pet should i get? – more books. shocker

alphabet puzzle – luke LOVES the alphabet. i’m talking obsessed. his second birthday party will be alphabet themed. he loves the song, the letters, he runs up to anything with letters and points at it, and all day long he is going “A, Beee, Ceeee, Gee” its the cutest thing in the world. we cant wait for him to see this puzzle

pajamas – the night before Christmas pajama tradition will be in full swing. i got luke’s pair from hanna andersson this year.

fjallraven mini backpack – he’s like the only kid at his daycare that still has his mom’s diaper bag in his cubby. “come ON mom, you’re embarrassing me!” i know, i know. so we got him a kick ass mustard fjallraven one to hold his little art projects and plaid lunch box 🙂


manly holiday gift guide coming soon… !


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