Guy Gift Guide

as promised, here are the gifts i got for steve  🙂

shopping for him is so damn fun. mainly because we have the exact same style and taste and i am just as excited for his gifts as he will be. i can’t wait to borrow those backpacks haha. not everyone’s taste aligns with their partner’s so my best advice for shopping for guys is to find the key websites that are cool as hell and get a few things from each. finding those good websites can sometimes be tricky though…  i go on pinterest and poke around until it links me to a cool site and then do my shopping from there. hope these give you some inspiration and/or show you some good websites to shop at in the future.


best made gloves – the first of 3 things i got from best made co… steve’s favorite company. these gloves are gorgeously made.

frasier fir candle – this is steve’s favorite scent. it literally smells like christmas. it is very strong though, so you only have to burn it briefly… but it will get your whole house smelling like that perfect tree.

kinfolk book – i thought of getting the year subscription to the magazine, but this version (kinfolk home) just came out and i spotted steve looking at in the bookstore a few months ago so i grabbed it. i’m just as excited to read it. it came in wrapped plastic so i didn’t get to snoop in it yet.

card – we give each other cards for every holiday. i have never seen a more perfect one in my entire life. i picked this up at Breakwater Books for all you who are local 🙂

penguin backpack – this bag is flippin awesome. it’s huge in real life and the quality is amazing. i can not WAIT for steve to open it. he is going to die. it has so many cool details on it and i can’t wait to use it on our honeymoon! i snagged this on for half the price (it’s STILL THERE!) which is where i got MANY gifts this year… they get you with that free shipping i swear. i kept going back for more.

campfire cologne – this is an example of a pinterest find. i had this pinned because of the awesome packaging and scooped it up at huckberry. it makes any fire smell amazing.

fjallraven backpack – it is a fjallraven Christmas! i had already purchased the Penguin backpack when i saw this on sale in steve’s favorite color. i couldn’t resist. i don’t thing i’ll ever get the deal i got on it again so i figured “what the hey”… we both can have new backpacks on our honeymoon and steve and luke can match 🙂

copper collar stays – steve wears these at every wedding. i got DEPINO engraved on them

lookin’ good comb – from the same website… Owen & Fred. stocking stuffer galore.

scratch & sniff whiskey book – enough said.

best made sign – can’t wait to hang this in the house so you can see it on the way out the door

luggage tags – a little pricey, and there are knock off versions on etsy, but with our wedding coming up, i got one for each of us, and mine with my new last name 🙂 i attached them both to the penguin backpack

Marvel encyclopedia – we just finished jessica jones on netflix and steve started googling all the characters and had all these questions… i bought the book to answer them

best made tumblers – to go along with the mugs i got him for his birthday

 the pendleton towel – I can’t afford the blanket that steve and i love… cuz really, who can? but they sell towels in the same color scheme!! amazing right?! its like the poor person version haha it’s also surprisingly huge. another “for the honeymoon” purchase

hope this helped you ladies & don’t tell steve!! 😉



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