Luke’s “abc” schoolhouse birthday party!


i have been meaning to post these pics since march. but with planning a wedding, work, & a two year old… blogging (which i do strictly for fun) has taken a backseat.

so here are pics from luke’s “abc” birthday party. picking a theme was a piece of cake. the boy is obsessed with the alphabet. obsessed. he knows every letter, inside & out, uppercase & lower case, he knows how to put them together to form his favorite words & the abc song is on repeat in our house. his fascination for letters stemmed from his curiosity of any words that were written on our shirts. it then turned into a game of him pointing at the letters and us telling him what they are… and the rest was history. i can’t complain.

we rounded up all the things in our house that were school themed (surprisingly enough we own a lot of vintage schoolhouse decor) and had a few close family members over to celebrate the luke man’s turning two. we love you luke!



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