First day back


the blog has been taking a back seat due to… life. (more on that coming later… I’ve decided to share my whole story soon)… and yesterday morning my amazing husband woke me up to a full out pow wow regarding what we are going to do to live our lives to the fullest now that we are officially a family. we have these huge dreams of owning an air stream full of childrens books, clothes, and toys and driving around the country… or having an online curated shop of the coolest kids stuff you can find… we have huge dreams for “Nash Parker” the brand we have poured our heart into, but haven’t had the funds to start yet… and lofty goals to travel and have steve photograph the world so he feels inspired by his work daily. but these are all pipe dreams, and to get to those dreams we have to make small changes, small steps.. and it starts first, with me getting my shit together & out of my little rut, and back blogging again where i feel the most creative and at my best 🙂


top: urban outfitters


native shoes



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