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Paint Colors Used In Our Apartment

I’ve told myself “I’m never leaving this apartment” countless times yet here we are… moving week. Priorities can shift quickly and, while I believe we are about to be living in my favorite home yet, I will miss certain details about this apartment so dearly… the panoramic sunsets, the skyline views, the proximity to Central Park. We got so lucky finding this place at the right time. It’s a tough goodbye but I already have plenty of future city trips planned so it won’t be too long before I’m back! This city will always feel like home.

Before we leave, I wanted to write an updated list of paint colors incase you’re wondering about a room. These rooms have gone through major transformations over the last 3 years but I have to say I wouldn’t change any of these paint colors… they were perfect in here and I’m really excited that the new tenants want to keep the colors which saves us an enormous amount of time. Hope this helps!

LIVING ROOM: Ethereal Mood (Sherwin Williams)


DINING ROOM: Duxbury Gray (Benjamin Moore)- walls, Matchstick (F&B) – archway


KITCHEN: Treron (Farrow and Ball) – walls, Old White (Farrow and Ball) – cabinets/shelves


BEDROOM: Stony Ground (Farrow and Ball) – walls, Light Gray (Farrow and Ball) – mantle


NURSERY: Green Smoke (Farrow and Ball)


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