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Faux Fireplace Project | Renter Friendly

Talking all things faux fireplaces in today’s video! We have a couple of faux fireplaces in our apartment and we have tried to make them a seamless part of our apartment but also provide a seasonal statement. The fireplace surround in our bedroom was a really lucky Facebook Marketplace find – using the search term “fireplace surround”. The other fireplace in our living room is one we bought a few years ago online and had in our previous apartment as well. We have been trying to find a way to make this mantle look a little more real and have a little more character.

We decided to add a faux brick interior with a stone-like hearth around the brick inside the mantle. It was fairly easy and the materials we used are linked below. We wanted the fireplace panels to have a stone-like facade around the faux brick interior/faux insert. To get this look we used ¼ inch MDF board, a couple of pieces of trim and roman clay. The faux brick was peel and stick so after applying that we began to work on the outer panel area. We cut the MDF board into 3 pieces – 2 vertical for the sides and 1 horizontal piece that went over the top middle. Wood filler is a great option for covering the seams.

After a quick priming, we applied roman clay for a natural-looking stone-like finish. If you haven’t used roman clay before, you typically apply it with a sculpting knife or putty knife and repeatedly scrape over the entire area. The finishing touches were a couple of pieces of very thin trim around the opening.

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MDF Board


Roman Clay


Peel and Stick Brick Panel




Black Paint


Putty Knife


Wood Filler




Fireplace Surround

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