Our Favorite Stroller for the City

I’ve been meaning to talk about our favorite stroller and give you a thorough review of what we like and what we don’t like about… the Nuna TRVL Stroller! We use this stroller about 90% of the time and there is definitely a reason! 

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Currently, we have 3 strollers and I do not recommend that when living in a New York apartment – but we have the Silver Cross Wave, the Nuna TRVL stroller, and a running stroller. I won’t really say too much else about the running stroller because we haven’t had a real chance to use it yet since it has been so hot up until recently. BUT the Silver Cross and the Nuna are the ones we have used regularly. Here is a breakdown of the Nuna! From months 0-4.5ish, we only used the Silver Cross Wave (with bassinet attachment). After that, we’ve almost exclusively been using our travel stroller.


Lightweight – The Nuna TRVL is extremely lightweight! It is made with very light parts and is meant to be very portable. The website says it weighs less than 14lbs, but even that seems high. I am able to easily lift it with one arm and carry it a decent distance when needed. 

Foldability and compact size – The Nuna has one-hand fold-up buttons on the top bar of the stroller. It is extremely conveniently located and easy to press to fold up into its compact position. Speaking of the compact position, this thing gets super small which is very nice when living in a smaller space where every inch counts. We are able to store this at the bottom of our coat closet, which isn’t that large of a closet. When we are traveling, it only takes up a small amount of room in the back of the car or front seat. It is also just as easy to unfold the stroller and that can be done with one hand too! 

Adaptability – The Nuna TRVL stroller is adaptable with the Nuna Pipa car seat series. We have the Nuna Pipa Lite RX Infant car seat and it fits right into the top of the stroller, locking around the front bar. This makes it so easy to transition from car to walking without too much movement of the baby. This really comes in handy when Brooks is asleep and we don’t want to wake him up when we move him from the car. It also is nice to use when we want to take an Uber or taxi somewhere and then walk around. It all just becomes one! We also were able to move seamlessly from car seat to stroller when checking luggage at the airport, which made the process a little less stressful.


Lightweight – Yes, lightweight was a pro, but in this case, it is also a small con. The lightweight construction sometimes makes it feel like the stroller is a little flimsy. Brooks definitely feels every little bump on the sidewalk or gravel when we push him in the stroller. Sometimes the sidewalk bump can be big enough to cause a full-on abrupt stop.

Not All-terrain – This one is kind of an extension of the above. You definitely cannot take this stroller off-roading very far. You can attempt but it might be a challenge. There have been a couple of instances where we have gotten a little stuck walking through certain areas in the park. 

Features – To use this stroller, your baby definitely has to be able to graduate from the bassinet-style strollers. We had to make sure the Brooks had good control over his head because we knew he would be moving around a bit more than when he was in the bassinet. For this reason, we used the Silver Cross Wave until he was about 4-5 months old. You also cannot add on to this once you have more children like you can with the Silvercross Wave.

I think that covers it. We love this stroller so much and it is the first one we reach for whenever we have someplace to be. We still love our Silver Cross, especially when he was little, but this is our current go-to! I did notice that Silver Cross Wave has released newer options though that look like they’d be great fits for city living. Hope this helps any moms and dads out there when deciding which stroller to choose from!

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