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7 thoughts on “Paint Colors We’ve Used and Loved (and wallpaper)

  1. Thank you so much for putting this together. This is great information. How come your photos make the colors like White Dove and Pure White look White, yet the swatches look more the mint green side?

    1. I honestly thought that SAME thing. I feel like their swatches look very inaccurate online. White Dove is definitely NOT green-tinted in my opinion but I thought that same thing when I was searching for the swatch online for this post!

  2. This is an amazing resource! I love your overall aesthetic in every room you do! I’m helping my parents with a master bath/bedroom reno and this is really helping me guide the design and narrow things down! As far as complimentary colors ie: vanity color and wall color in a bathroom, did you use the listed complimentary colors on the back of the swatch or trial and error? Any insight would be great! So. Many. Options 😂

  3. What color did you use for the dining room archway? Love it! Looks like some sort of black but if you can please share which exact color much appreciated.

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