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Indoor Smore Maker

There is nothing like sharing smores with friends and this indoor portable smore maker makes that a reality no matter where you live, even a small apartment! It is always a favorite with friends here in the city.

Samsung Projector

This projector has been a game-changer in our bedroom this year. I had been trying to find a way to add a TV in our bedroom (the walls are mainly windows so there were very few options available). This projector with a roll-up screen was the perfect solution. It rotates to work with any angle and is a smart projector so it has all of the same capabilities and apps as a TV. It has been so cozy with the other lit-up decor in the room while watching Christmas movies and I hope it'll last for years to come.

Avaline Wine Set

We just got a case of this wine recently and I really enjoyed it as far as organic wines go. We especially liked the white wine blends. They currently have holiday collections out right now as well! Thanks Cameron Diaz!

Wine Glass Set

Perfect set of 4 wine glasses for you and guests during a dinner party. I love the fluted detailing.

Dinner in One Cookbook

There is nothing I love more than a one-pot/pan dinner. One of the many reasons why soup and chili season really speak to me. In this cookbook, almost every recipe takes less than an hour and only uses one pot or pan. It is perfect for the family on the go and short on time, which I feel has been us the last few months.

Samsung Frame TV

This is the centerpiece of our gallery wall in our living room and we always get comments about how guests think it really is just another piece of art. And the TV capabilities themselves are great too! If you are in the market for Frame TV art, stop by my Etsy shop - ShopPinesPrints!

Sonos Portable Speaker

One of my favorite portable speakers and we take it everywhere - Central Park, the beach, grandma's house! They are sleek, easy to use, and come in a beautiful color palette. I think we usually get somewhere between 8-10 hours of use on a single charge.

Ralph Lauren Burleigh Foot Bowl

I was just telling TJ that this is the type of dishes that I want to use forever during the holidays. Maybe even pass them down through the family. They are just so beautiful, expertly made, and come in many sizes.

Tell Me Without Telling Me Card Game

I love playing these types of card games with friends and at the end of the night one is inevitably brought out. The game is similar to Catchphrase but you can only give clues in a certain way.

Charcuterie Board

You can never go wrong with a nice cheese board. I have been drawn to the longer-shaped ones recently and love this one!

Baby Einstein Strum Along Guitar

This is one of Brooks' newest favorite toys. On a recent road trip, he seemed to play with it most of the car ride there and didn't seem to get tired of it! It has a couple of settings - the guitar setting and an animal/color setting. We often see him busting a move while playing it.

80's and 90's Hum It Game

Another fun game to play with friends or family this season, especially the Millenials and Gen Xers in your family!

Charcuterie Utensil Set

This goes along with the Charcuterie board above. I love the look of this set and the details! The green marble is gorgeous.

Portable Wine Table

This is the perfect "picnic in the park" table. It is sturdy, has slots for your glasses on the sides to reduce the chance of spilling, and has a grooved slot to put the bottle. This is going to be a staple for us in the spring.
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