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Nike Spark Tennis Shoe

These are a staple in my day-to-day wardrobe, especially in the summer! They are super comfy, provide great support, and can be used as a walking or workout shoe. They are easy to put on and I love the colors they come in.

NUNA TRVL Stroller

The one-hand, fold-up stroller we use daily. We use this stroller about 90% of the time and cannot get enough of it and its versatility. It is compatible with the NUNA car seat and we always get comments about it folding up neatly and can be stored in small spaces.

Longchamp Duffel Bag

I stopped into Longchamp during our last trip to France and saw these duffel bags and fell in love. I use them on almost every trip we go on. They are very well made and I feel like they will last a long time. TJ also got a Longchamp wallet while we were there and has used it ever since. We're fans of this brand especially when it comes to travel.

Sophia Zip Case

It's always nice to have a travel jewelry case on hand when you're packing for a trip and this one is the greatest quality.

Cadence Capsules

This is a new to me brand this year that I absolutely love! These capsules can be used for so many things like makeup, lotion, or multivitamins. They are magnetic and stick together so you'll never lose them while on the go. They also come in fun colors and can be customized with labels. You can get them as singles or in sets.

Toiletry Organizer

LOVE how this toiletry bag is organized.

Kodak Mini Printer

I LOVE this mini printer! It is very easy to use and being able to easily print all of our travel memories from our phones is so convenient. It always takes me weeks or months to print any photos from our travels and by that time I can barely find them on my phone. I love being able to take a photo and print it right then.

Transcend Tights

These are some of my favorite leggings for everyday living or fitness activities.

Portable Charger

It feels like I am always trying to find a place to charge my phone, especially when traveling. This handy portable charger is perfect for anyone on the go who doesn't have time to find a spot to charge up.

Ilia Lip Set

Hands down favorite lip products all accounted for in one set.

Bose Headphones

When TJ was traveling for work every week my dad got him these for his birthday. He used them every single trip and became a staple in his go-bag. When we moved to NYC and he stopped flying so much he transitioned them to dog walking headphones, lol. It doesn't hurt they keep your ears warm in the cold either!
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