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Gifts for the (almost toddler) Baby


Brannon Bear Toy

This is my absolute favorite stuffed bear I've found... just a classic, can't go wrong gift. If they don't show interest, it at least makes for a cute nursery addition.

Baby Einstein Magical Touch Guitar

This is one of Brooks' newest favorite toys. On a recent road trip he seemed to play with it most of the car ride there and didn't seem to get tired of it! It has a couple settings - the guitar setting and a animal/color setting. We often seeing him dancing while playing with it and we love it so much that also got the piano.

Sassy Stack of Circles

Another milestone toy! It was so cool to experience Brooks playing with these. He really enjoys stacking these circles on the pole and clapping right after. The rings have different textures and colors for maximum sensory exposure.

7am Enfant Beanie and Gloves

This one is relatively new to us but it has come in handy as the days have gotten colder. And they are incredibly cute and cozy! The gloves and beanie are super warm and kept Brooks comfy while walking around Central Park over the Thanksgiving holiday. We took them to a light show last night and he never seemed to get cold.

School Bus Pull Toy

Brooks is starting to get more into cars and toys with wheels. This bus pull toy is going to be a great transition into what was one of my favorite toys growing up, Hot Wheels cars. The bus also has a shape section that you can drop down into on the top.

Stackable Cups

Another favorite of ours. We love everything that stacks. These cups are a soft rubber material that is safe for all ages. These cups can also help with teething babies as well if they get distracted while stacking and start to chew on them.

Taylor the Turtle Blanket

Another cute and cozy find to stay warm this winter.

Baby Walker Balance Bike

We got this toy for Brooks this year for Christmas, so it is currently sitting under our tree wrapped up. It is for kids 12 months and older and we are excited to see how Brooks likes it. These bikes help with balance and confidence of kids who are graduating from crawling and mastering walking.

Custom Wooden Name Puzzle

This is a fun Etsy toy that is customizable to your kids name. It promotes reading and puzzle solving skills at the same time. It is very beneficial for your kid to see their name and learn how their letter go together and it can't start at a young enough age.

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano

This is another toy that is wrapped under the tree right now. If it is anything like the guitar toy, we know Brooks will love it. We had a piano toy for him when he was younger, but it was one where he was laying down to play it. We are excited to see him be able to sit up and play with this one now.

Ball Tracker Toy

This has been a really fun toy for Brooks and I can't recommend it enough. He doesn't really use the mallet that comes with it, but he will just hit the balls down and watch them as they go through the 3 slides. He always claps at the end which makes my heart melt!

Football Beanie

TJ liked this one... a fun beanie that can keep your baby's head warm throughout the football season and is adorable.

Custom Name Sweatshirt

This one is kind of self-explanatory, but is a fun gift for your little one! I love supporting these Etsy shops that may take a little longer to get things, but always are well crafted. This seller has 4.9 stars and 27,000+ sales! Plus, these types of sweatshirt onesies seem to last so much longer than any other piece of clothing we've bought since they're so oversized and stretchy.

Manhattan Soft Crinkle Book

These were some of the first books we got for Brooks and he has enjoyed them as he has grown. We have this exact book and it is full of goodies inside that help exercise his mind and work on his dexterity.

Honey Sticks Crayons

These large beeswax crayons are great for small kids and toddlers to begin their journey of drawing and writing. Their jumbo size makes them easy to grip and hard to swallow or break. They are made from food grade ingredients and manufactured in New Zealand.
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